Welcome to this site dedicated to communicating essential truths regarding Christ and His legacy of faith which He bequeathed to His followers before leaving the earth with the expectation and instruction that it should be communicated transgenerationally in its purity, purpose and expression until He comes back again to claim the fruits of what He had invested through His own shed blood. It is however a statement of fact that as Christianity journeyed through the generations, away from its early and humble beginnings, it has drifted far from the core essence of the faith and has morphed into a religious institution robbed of its God-ordained identity and purpose. The Lord today, as always, calls His people back to originality of identity (who we are) and purpose (what is expected of us), two critical issues that are themselves built round the Lord Jesus Himself: who He really is (His identity) and what He actually came to do on earth (His mission)

In other words, (1) Who Jesus really is, (2) What He actually came to do and (3) What is expected of His followers are the basic ingredients that clearly define this subject of faith. These three issues are what make up the general philosophy of the Church i.e. what defines us (what tells us who we are/gives us a sense of identity); what defines our values; what informs our systems of belief; what defines our sense of purpose; what gives us a sense of direction and ultimately what defines our corporate destiny. As a generation desiring to finish the Lord’s purpose in our time, we are passionate about receiving light on these crucial areas that we may build accordingly with precision and perfect timing, so that our Lord’s question in Luke 18:8b can be answered with an affirmative Yes! Happy surfing and please, your feedback is very important to us. God bless.

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